Transport Canada is introducing fees through the Canadian Navigable Waters Act Fees Regulations that recover a portion of the costs of processing applications for approvals of works and applications for exemptions from prohibited activities under the Canadian Navigable Waters Act. The fees for review of an approval of a work will be phased in gradually over approximately three years (2024-2027).

This Fact sheet provides more information on the Canadian Navigable Waters Act (CNWA)’s regulation.

More information about the proposed fees is available at: Canada Gazette, Part 1, Volume 157, Number 43: Canadian Navigable Waters Act Fees Regulations

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Welcome to the NPP External Submission Site. The intent of this website is to provide Canadians with a central point to submit an application for an approval, to publish a notification for a work or to request an exemption for a prohibited activity. It is also intended for Canadians who wish to submit comments on projects that are published on the public registry and for which the comment period is open and provides the ability to subscribe to notifications for projects within a specific area.
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